Basic Portal and Premium Portal and 3.0 Portal - what's the difference?

In order for Non-profit Partners, Volunteer Leaders, and Employee Coordinators to have added functionality while using HandsOn Connect - they are granted special profiles that give them access to a "Customer Portal" that gives them abilities such as Creating Volunteer Opportunities, Reporting Attendance, etc.

HandsOn Connect comes with either a BASIC Portal or a Premium Portal. You choose which portal you want to use when you first purchase HandsOn Connect and its set up for you.  Here's the difference between the two portal types:

HandsOn Connect 3.0 uses a very different portal structure than HOC 2.0.   The basic and premium portal are 2.0 only.  The information in this chapter is for 2.0 users only and is not accurate for those using HOC 3.0.   See the HOC 3.0 manual for more information on managing profiles in HOC 3.0.

Basic Portal

The basic portal uses the same type of license as volunteers use, "Overage Authenticated Website".

When a partner staff or volunteer leader logs into their account on the public site, the portal functionality is access through an extra tab on the public website, labeled "Volunteer Management".  

The advantages of the basic portal are:

  • Interface is easier to use and creates a more 'seamless' process of creating and managing volunteer opportunities.
  • There is no need to purchase the more costly "Overage Customer Portal Manager Custom" licenses required for the Premium Portal

The limitations of the basic portal are:

  • Very limited customization options for the portal
  • Custom fields and processes can not be made available to partners and volunteer leaders
  • Currently no reporting capability in the basic portal  (Basic Reporting will be added in future release)
  • Currently no 'employee coordinator' portal is available.

For example: Creating a Volunteer Opportunity leads users through a 6 step, self-contained process.

Premium Portal

The Premium Portal uses native Salesforce functionality to manage 'customer portals' and requires the purchase of "Overage Customer Portal Manager Custom" licenses.

The advantages of the premium portal are:

  • Layout and design of the portal can be greatly customized based on your business needs
  • Custom Fields  can be displayed and page layouts can be created.
  • Profiles for users can be modified to control access to individual record types and field level security.
  • Reports and documents can be made accessible to portal users
  • Available for Partner Staff, Volunteer Leaders AND Employee Coordinators - each with unique page layouts and capabilities.

The limitations of the premium portal are:

  • Requires some basic understanding of Salesforce to use the portal ( higher 'training' curve for your partners)
  • Creating Volunteer Opportunities is not an intuitive, self-led process  (mirrors the way you create volunteer opportunities on the admin site.  Again - a bit more learning curve)
  • Cost of Overage Customer Portal Manager Custom licenses.   (Most Original HOC Customers were grandfathered in to receive these licenses at part of their HOC package. New customers need to purchase these licenses directly from Salesforce on a yearly basis)

Full Documentation on using the partner portal(s) can be found in our Partner Staff Documentation

Full documentation on how to use the partner portals can be found on our website that you can direct your partner organizations to:

Full documentation on using the Volunteer Leader portal(s) can be found in our Volunteer Leader Documentation

Full documentation on how to use the Volunteer Leader portal(s) can be found on our website that you can direct your Volunteer Leaders to:

(Premium Portal Only) - Full documentation on using the Employee Coordinator Portalcan be found in our Employee Coordinator Portal Documentation

Full documentation for both employee volunteers and employee coordinators, can be found on our website that you can direct Employee Coordinators to:


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