Creating a Virtual Location for use with date and time specific opportunities.

While its not a perfect solution, there is a way to create Virtual Volunteer Opportunities that are date and time specific.  It requires you to create a record for a 'virtual location'. which you will set in zip code 00000.  

First you must add a new Zip Code in Salesforce

This is a one-time speed up an administrator must do.  You'll need to add 00000 as a valid zip code to use when creating locations.  To do this:

Click on the app selector in the upper left of a lightning page, and type in 'zipcodes" and select the ZipCodes object

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Click on "NEW" and create a new zip code record as follows:

  • ZipCode = 00000
  • State = --   (that's two hyphens)
  • StateFullName = Virtual
  • City = Virtual
  • CityAlias = Virtual

Leave all the other fields blank.  Save the record.  You'll now be able to create locations that are in the 'virtual' zip code of 00000.

Create a Virtual Location

When creating a date and time specific opportunity that requires a location.  Choose or create a Virtual Location.  Fill in the location fields with the following:

  • Location Name - (anything that describes the virtual location.  Could be "Do at Home", or "Virtual Classroom" or just "Virtual Location")
  • Street = Virtual
  • City = Virtual
  • State/Province = --   (two hyphens.... its required to be two characters)
  • Zip Postal Code = (lookup the zip code 00000)
  • Special Directions =. the real details of the location, whether its the URL for a webinar, a phone number, or just information saying "Do this project at home and email us when you've completed the project."  Or provide an address to ship a finished project to.   Put in whatever info is useful to describe this 'virtual' location.
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The Location will appear as follows on the public site, and on the location details page (in volunteer opportunity overview)

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A map won't load here - because there is no such location that google maps can find.


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