How to deactivate workflows

Automated workflows in HandsOn Connect send emails and assign tasks to the Partner Approval Manager and the default Opportunity Approval Manager, but you might want to disable either the emails or the tasks from being created.

Similarly, There may be automated emails the system sends that you'd like to suspend. Here's how to deactivate Workflows

All workflow actions are managed by Workflow Rules

Go to Setup / App Setup / Create / Workflow & Approvals / Workflow Rules.

Make sure you understand what will happen if you suspend a workflow (there may be multiple actions associated with it). If you click on the rule name itself - you can see what the rule does - and if it sends an email alert, creates a task, performs a field update, and the circumstances under which this occurs.

If you wish to suspend this workflow from executing. Click on the Deactivate Link.

To activate a workflow that is deactivated, click the activate link.


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