Training for All Users (staff and administrators)

The written documentation gives complete, sequential instruction for using HandsOn Connect. Read the manuals in the order presented if you are learning HandsOn Connect for the first time. You can also search on this site to find quick ‘how to’ answers as you become an experienced HandsOn Connect User.

Training for System Administrators

This information is for system administrators, though staff users may benefit from understanding what is possible for a system administrator to do to customize your instance of HandsOn Connect.

System Administrator Resources

These are advanced posts of interest to HandsOn Connect System Administrators

Using the HandsOn Connect Customer Portals

The documentation in this section mirrors the documentation that is available for partners, Volunteer Leaders, and Employee Coordinator in their separate websites:

Exercises for Mastery

These posts give suggested tasks as homework, so that during training you can try out the things you are learning about HandsOn Connect. If you’re able to work through these exercises successfully – you’ll be ready to go live with HandsOn Connect!

If you need help working through the exercises, come to one of our live ‘lab’ sessions where our training and support team can offer you guidance and assistance!

HandsOn Connect Video Training

All the essentials for learning HandsOn Connect are contained in the two series of videos in this section. The videos in each chapter are short and organized as individual lessons covering each topic. First time learners should view them in the order presented. In addition to the videos, there are links under each video that connect to the written documentation above. (Note: Because HandsOn Connect is updated monthly, the videos do not show every new feature or be inconsistent with the current appearance of HandsOn Connect. Refer to the written documentation above for the most up to date details of each topic.