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  • Updated on: Mar 27, 2017

    How to set up gmail email aliases

    Salesforce only allows you to use your email address for one UserID and you want to save your business email address for your Salesforce License:

    However, you'll want to set up accounts to test your website. Accounts where you pose as:

    • A volunteer

    • A partner staff

    • A volunteer Leader.

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  • In order for Non-profit Partners, Volunteer Leaders, and Employee Coordinators to have added functionality while using HandsOn Connect - they are granted special profiles that give them access to a "Customer Portal" that gives them abilities such as Creating Volunteer Opportunities, Reporting Attendance, etc.

    HandsOn Connect comes with either a BASIC Portal or a Premium Portal. You choose which portal you want to use when you first purchase HandsOn Connect and its set up for you. Here's the difference between the two portal types:

  • Updated on: Feb 15, 2017

    Enabling Prerequisites

    This article details the steps taken by System Admins to enable Prerequisities.

    NOTE: While the ability to add prerequisites makes it easier for volunteers to sign up for required trainings and orientations, there are business practices to be considered . System Admins should only enable these features for trained users. It is not recommended that you enable this feature for Partner Staff. If desired you can use permission sets to enable it for designated staff and partner staff users.

    To learn more about permission sets, see this Salesforce post

  • These videos are specific to users using version 2.x of HandOn Connect.  In version 3.x the CMS system works very differently.  We'll post videos of how to customize the public site for 3.x users in the near future.

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  • Starting with Wave 8 - the HandsOn Connect Standard Reports are now found in the following folders:

    • HOC Basic Reports
    • HOC Custom Button Reports
    • HOC Managerial Reports
    • HOC Monthly Reports
    • HOC Reports for Partners
    • HOC Reports for Summary Detail Dashboard
    • HOC Reports for Volunteer Leaders
    • HOC Support

    The report folders for Partners and Volunteer Leaders have been created for you to place reports intended for viewing through the customer portal.

    Here are the reports contained in each folder:

    Manual 11. Reporting
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  • As part of the 1.999 Release a number of new reports were deployed to existing customers and will be made available to Wave 8 and beyond in a new folder structure.

    While many users build their reports from scratch - these standard 'starter' reports can provide you with a wealth of information, without requiring any work other than RUNNING the report.

    They also make a great starting point for customizing your own reports by adding fields and filters as desired.

    Existing users can take these stock reports, and save them as they wish within the reporting folder structure that they have already set up. We recommend doing a "save us" to place a copy of the report (with any modifications you may choose to make) in the folder of your choosing, while leaving the original report in its source folder so you always have a source to refer back to.

    For clients prior to Wave 8 - the new reports have been added in three new report folders

    Manual 11. Reporting
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  • Updated on: Jan 04, 2017

    Opportunity Detail Page

    Clicking on a link from the Search page or the Volunteer Opportunities Calendar will bring you directly to the Opportunity Details page.

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  • Images looking stretched on the site? That results when you upload an image that does not have the correct pixel width and height for the place where the image is used.

    Here's a quick summary of the correct and/or recommended pixel dimensions for images used in HandsOn Connect.

    All sizes are in pixels (px) with the first number being WIDTH and the second number being HEIGHT)

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  • NPSP has page layouts available for managing a number of different types of opportunities:

    • Donations
    • Grants
    • Matching Gifts
    • Memberships

    You can also create new Sales Processes and Page Layouts of your own if desired.

    For each type of opportunity you wish to manage, you should create a new record type and assign and existing sales process or create a new sales process for that record type.