Disabling triggers for emails

Most of the emails sent out by HandsOn Connect are managed by workflows and email alerts.  Instructions for disabling workflows can be found here.   Some emails however, are sent via 'triggers' which normally cannot be deactivated by the user.  This control panel gives you administrative control to turn off certain emails if desired.   Note: You cannot selectively turn off these triggered emails -- if you turn them off - then no emails of that type will be sent out to opportunity coordinators.

Control Email Notifications for individual Occurrences

Control Email Notifications for individual Occurrences

These three emails are sent to Opportunity Coordinators notifying them whenever a volunteer signs up, is removed, or has been added to the waitlist.  By default these are all on.  If however you do not wish these notifications sent out to opportunity coordinators uncheck the appropriate boxes to disable these triggers.

Note: With these turned off - Opportunity Coordinators will have to log-in to their account to see who is signed up, and how many slots have been filled.

Control Email Notification for Grouped Occurrences

Control Email Notification for Grouped Occurrences

If you have activated the advance functionality for grouped occurrences -- these triggers can be turned off to suppress the variety different email notifications sent out when volunteers sign up for group occurrences.

For more information on working with grouped occurrences -- see the details in the advanced system administrator guide.

Control Email Notification for Individually Scheduled Opportunities

You can choose to disable emails sent to volunteers and/or to opportunity coordinators related to Individually Scheduled Opportunities.  Help tips for each email tell you who is the recipient of each of the emails and when they are sent when enabled.


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