Creating Custom Skills

While you cannot edit or delete the default skills and skill categories that come with the system, HandsOn Connect allows you to add new skills to the skill profiles used by volunteers and volunteer opportunities,



Go to Control Panel / Skills Customization to create a new skill

3. Put in the name of the new skill

4. Select a category from the picklist (this list will include any custom categories you create as well)

5. Click Save.

The new skill will show up in the Custom Skills section

You can click on 'update' to change the name of the skill - or delete to delete the custom skill

When you click on update, you can edit the skill name or the category the skill has been placed in.

The ability to edit appears in the 'update skills' section of the page.

If you request to delete a skill you will get a warning

If you request to delete a skill you will get a warning

Note: If you delete a skill, all skill ratings (for volunteers and volunteer opportunities) associated with that skill will also be permanently deleted. There is no undo for this.


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