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Received an email saying that Your Certificate has expired?

If you have received an email reminder from RapidSSL or Salesforce with the subject "Your RapidSSL Certificate for YOUR DOMAIN has expired," or "SFDC Expired Certificate Notification" please note that HandsOn Connect (HOC) is no longer using RapidSSL for its SSL certificates, and there is no action you need to take when you are notified  if about an expiring certification: 

We recommend:

  1. Make sure the email refers to the domain you are using on your HOC site and not another site in your organization.   (You may be using certificates for other public sites if you're using additional apps or public websites outside of HandsOn Connect.
  2. If it does refer to your HOC site domain, then you can safely ignore it 
  3. To stop receiving the email reminders, scroll towards the bottom of the email and click on the unsubscribe link.

HandsOn Connect switched to using a new provider for SSL certs called Let's Encrypt, and we implemented a process that automatically renews them.  So any certificate in Salesforce that is related to HandsOn Connect will be automatically renewed for you.  You can safely ignore any email notification from Salesforce regarding your certificates.  For more information, visit https://letsencrypt.org.

What is an SSL certificate?

An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate helps authenticate your website to other users, and secures the communication between your browser and site you are visiting, such as your HOC site, by encrypting the data that goes back and forth.


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