Required Reading for all new users of HandsOn Connect

HandsOn Connect is an installed package that is added to your Salesforce Organization.  There are certain configurations and records that are added to your organization that are required for handsOn Connect to work properly.

Please be aware of these special records, and take care not to delete or modify them.

Also make sure your users are aware of our best practices to ensure the integrity of your HOC related data.

1. The following Record Types are added to your SF Instance and should not be deleted or altered:

Object:  Contacts
Record Type: Volunteer
Whenever a volunteer registers via the public site, the Contact is created as record type = Volunteer

Object: Accounts
Three Record Types are added:

  • Business - Used in HOC to identify all for-profit organizations.
  • Nonprofit - Used in HOC to identify all nonprofit organizations
  • Individual - A special record type required by HOC

A single account record of record type Individual is created and necessary for HandsOn Connect functionality.  The record is named "Individual" and must not be edited or removed.  No additional accounts should be created using record type Individual.

2. One, and only one account record, will be assigned as type = HOC Customer

As the organization which hosts the HandsOn Connect public site - your organization will have an account record of organization record type  Nonprofit, and it will be assigned the 'type' value of "HOC Customer"

3. YOUR organization record must remain designated as type HOC Customer

There must be one (and only one) account record (yours), with Type = HOC Customer.

  • Do not change the the Type picklist value of your organization to any value other than HOC Customer.
  • Do not delete this account record
  • No other account should be given Type = HOC Customer

3. Be aware of these best practices when using HandsOn Connect:

Some HandsOn Connect custom object records have lookup fields that are required for the record to be valid. Deleting parent records that affect child records with dependencies can corrupt those records, making it impossible to edit or update them or display their data on the public site.

Best Practice: Only the system administrator profile should have delete permissions for HandsOn Connect custom objects. Assign other users the HOC custom profile "Staff", and do not allow delete privileges to other profiles in SF that have access to the HandsOn Connect application. This will minimize the risk of users accidentally corrupting data.

For System Admin with delete privileges:  Do not delete a record if it has child or lookup relationships to it.  If you want to delete a 'parent' object, first delete any records below it on the dependency food chain.  Only delete records that have no related records showing in the related lists.

Here are the dependencies you should be aware of when considering deleting a record:

  1. Accounts - Do not delete an account record if it has related Contacts, Volunteer Opportunities, Locations, or Registration Answers
  2. Contacts - Do not delete a Contact record if it has related Connections or Volunteer Team Members.  Do not delete a contact that is serving as Opportunity Coordinator for any Volunteer Opportunity or Occurrence record.
  3. Volunteer Opportunities - Do not delete a Volunteer Opportunity record if it has related Occurrences, Recurrences, Grouped Occurrences, Connections, Prerequisites, or Skill Ratings.
  4. Occurrences:  Do not delete an occurrence if it has related connections.

Do not edit picklist values, delete or rename HOC custom fields that are used by system functionality.

4. Do not edit picklists or fields that are used by system functionality or national integration.

Consult the HandsOn Connect master field list before editing or changing an existing field, to see if it is permissible to change its values. If the field is marked DO NOT EDIT in Row J -- then open a Help Ticket so our support staff can work with you on how to best address the customization you want to make.

Click here to see the HOC field list.

Being aware of these requirements and best practices will ensure that HandsOn Connect will continue to function properly in your Salesforce instance.


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