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  • When teams sign up for volunteer opportunities, the only person who may be notified of opportunity details may be the team captain! As a best practice, if a large percentage of your volunteers are part of a team, its a good idea to reach out to the team captain and make sure they are relaying all info to their team members, and that all team members WILL be attending.

    You can create a report that will look at all upcoming connections where the volunteer is a member of a team, and then calculate what percentage of the maximum volunteers needed for the opportunity are team members. Here's how:

  • Updated on: Jan 17, 2023

    Mass Emailing in Salesforce

    There are two options for mass emailing in Salesforce. You can mass email contacts which has a daily limit of 1,000 emails. And there is the option to mass email users which has no daily limit. However if you choose to mass email users and use merge fields, the fields have to be user fields - if you put contact fields in it will not work since it is pullling from the user object. Also in mass email users you're only able to filter the list you send to using user fields, not contact fields.

    Another thing you should be aware of is that the preview email function really doesn't guarantee what your email will look like. The only way to really know how the email will appear when it is sent is to simulate the conditions under which it would be sent. You can create a list in mass email users that only included you and send it so you could see for sure how it would work.

    The bottom line is that Salesforce is not built to be a blast email tool.We highly recommend you investigate some of the other blast email tools, many of which integrate with Salesforce. If budget is an issue, Vertical Response allows nonprofits to send 10,000 emails per month free.

    One feature you really should have to follow the CAN-SPAM law is the ability for contacts to unsubscribe themselves if they don't wish to get extraneous emails beyond project confirmation, reminder and thank you emails from your organization. And by using the mass email user function you can't even access the Email Opt Out field built into Salesforce to make sure you're excluding those who have opted out.

    A final note is that Salesforce doesn't put any resources into ensuring the deliverability of their emails because they're not in the email business. So you should know that emails you send through Salesforce are more likely to end up in people's spam folders.

    Nonetheless -- for occasional use, here's how to use the mass emailing functionality in Salesforce. Let's consider a case where we want to send emails to all out active partner staff users.

  • Manual Release Notes
  • Volunteers can upload files providing physical evidence and details of training and certifications that will be kept as part of your skills database.

  • Updated on: Jan 17, 2023

    Creating Custom Skill Categories

    HandsOn Connect allows you to add new skills to the skill profiles used by volunteers and volunteer opportunities.

    All skills need to be added to a Skill Category. You can create new Skill Categories to 'group' new custom skills in if a new skill does not fit into any of the existing skill categories in the system.

  • Want an easy way to know what occurrences and opportunities are visible on the public site?

    This report will show you exactly what's on your site, whether it requires an invitation code to see it, and how many connections are currently made for all your upcoming opportunities.

    This is a good report to put in your partner folder as its useful not just for you, but for anyone who creates volunteer opportunities.

  • We have had several HOC customers say that they wanted to be able to export a report, that includes the Volunteer Opportunity Name and also its description.

    The problem is: In order to make project descriptions look attractive on the public site, project descriptions are created in the WYSIWYG editor and are made up of html.

    As a result, you can only get html project descriptions in reports.

    However -- if its important to you to be able to do this (because you need a 'hard copy' of your projects and their descriptions - there is a somewhat painless way you can do it through some easy manual manipulation.

  • We often want to know how many connections a volunteer had in a given time period. And there is a stock report in HandsOn Connect that can answer that question for you:

    You'll find it in the HOC Basic Reports Folder: "# of Connections per vol (Calendar Yr)

  • When certains kinds of records in your database are missing required fields, it can cause problems in your system such as volunteer opportunities not showing up on your public site when intended, encountering error messages when trying to edit the records and at the most dire breaking your public site. Even though we advise you time and time again not to delete records in your system, we recognize that key data sometimes is deleted by accident. Never fear, we have installed some tools to help you diagnose the problem.

  • The easiest way to test the content and merge fields in your email templates is to simulate the conditions under which they are sent from the public site using a test account. That'll absolutely show you what happens.

    Salesforce does provide a way to test from the email template interface -- but it can be a little tricky. Here's what you need to know.