How to Install an SSL Certificate on Salesforce

As part of the Winter 2015 Release, HandsOn Connect is now Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) friendly.  This means that your site works securely with an SSL certificate.  SSL encrypts the connection between your website and your user's browser.  We consider this a major requirement for all instances of HandsOn Connect, to help secure your and your user's data.

The Winter 2015 Release also includes the new Social Login with Facebook feature.  This allows your users to link their HandsOn Connect account to Facebook to be able to use Facebook to login.  This feature requires that your site is secured with an SSL cert.

To install the SSL cert in your HandsOn Connect instance, you will need to purchase one from a vendor such as GoDaddy, RapidSSL, GeoTrust, Verisign or other. To intall the SSL yourself, follow these steps:

  1. Follow the instructions provided by Salesforce in the document Setting Up Custom Domains for Salesforce Sites and Setting up HTTPS Support for Branded Custom Domains.
  2. Test and confirm using: .

We are offering to do this for a fee of $150, which includes the cost of the SSL Certificate for two years! Yes, this is crazy cheap. Why are we doing it for so little? We want to encourage everyone to have their site with SSL. A secure website is more important than ever.  To request that we do this installation, please go to this webpage and complete the form:



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