Customizing the HandsOn Connect Letterhead

The letterhead that comes with HandsOn Connect has your logo in the upper left, two dividing lines, and no footer.

The background color is gray.  But you can customize your letterhead to match your organizations color and style.

Understanding Letterheads

Understanding Letterheads

Click on YOUR NAME MENU / SETUP / Administration Setup / Communication Templates / Letterheads.    (or search for Letterheads from the quick find menu on the Setup left sidebar.  A help screen will show you the basics of letterheads.

HandsOn Connect comes with a standard letterhead named HOC Letterhead that is used for all email alerts sent out by the system.  Click NEXT in the upper right to go to the letterhead Home Page

You can create new letterheads by clicking on the NEW letterhead button.  (These new letterheads could be used for personal emails you may wish to send from the system).

Since the email alerts all use the managed, HOC Letterhead.... we'll click on its name (not edit), so that we can see the letterhead

Letterhead View page

Letterhead View page

Click on Edit Letterhead to make changes to the letterhead.

Edit view of Letterhead Page

Edit view of Letterhead Page
  1. Edit Background Color allows you to set the background color of the email from its default gray.
  2. The header section allows you to select the logo and set its alignment. Any logo or banner can be substituted for your stock Affiliate Logo that we've prepopulated, but it must be first added to a document in the documents folder like any other website image.
  3. The Top and Middle line can be edited to change its color and thickness.
  4. The Body color (background of the email can be changed.   White works best, but if's up to you!
  5. The footer area is blank by default, but you can add a graphic image to serve as the footer for all emails.  The image must be saved in a documents folder and be an externally available image.  You can create a footer image that has text on it (if you wish to do a message) - but the footer image cannot be hyperlinked - so its not effective for banner ads or links to social networks.

Alternately, you can create a text-based footer with URLS that should link in most email clients, by following this approach:

NOTE: the maximum width for an image in the header or footer is 550 pixels wide.


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