Using Verified Volunteers in the Partner Portal

If you wish to make it possible for partner organizations to require Verified Volunteer background checks for their volunteer opportunities, please open a zendesk ticket and request that VV be enabled in your version of the partner portal.

A partner has limits in how Verified Volunteers works for them.  Here's what you need to know:

Partners can restrict signup for their opportunities to volunteers with a certain level of verification

The field "Min Required Level of Verification" can be set to appear in the restrictions section of a volunteer opportunity record (HOC 2.x) or as an option in the Create Volunteer Opportunity process (HOC 3.x)

Doing so will restrict volunteer signing up unless they've initiated the appropriate level of background check.

Partners do not have access to the verified volunteers section of the contact record.

Due to Verified Volunteer privacy requirements - a partner does not automatically have access to view the status of a volunteer's background check.  Here's what they should do:

  1. Only volunteers who have a status of 'cleared', 'eligible' or 'considered' will be able to create a connection for their opportunity.
  2. So - for every volunteer who DOES have a connection to the opportunity they should email that volunteer and request that the volunteer grants them access to their background check.  
  3. A volunteer makes that request at Verified Volunteer to share their background check with the partner and a copy of the background check will be made available to the partner through the Verified Volunteers system.

A partner MUST request access to the background check report.

Since volunteers CAN sign up even if they have a 'considered' status - partners can't assume that a connected volunteer is truly eligible in their eyes. Even if you have reviewed and marked them as eligible, the found incident may not be tolerable to the partner themselves and they need to make that determination for themselves. 

Only the affiliate can update the contact's record with a status of Eligible or Ineligible, so the partner may have to reject a volunteer based on their own criteria for borderline cases. For this reason, partners must request a copy of the background check so they can make this decision themselves and not solely rely on the fact that the volunteer has been screened. 


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