How a volunteer sees an opportunity that requires a background check

Before signing up for a volunteer opportunity, a volunteer must be registered on the site. This will provide some of the basic information needed for the verification process.

On your volunteer registration page be sure to require at least these fields (they are needed in order to background check volunteers:

  • Name
  • Date of Birth
  • at least one full address
  • at least one Phone Number
  • Email address

Opportunity detail page of an opportunity requiring a background check.

If you've marked an opportunity as requiring a level 1, 2, or 3 background check, the Verified Volunteers logo appears on the opportunity detail page, and the level of background check required is shown on the right sidebar.

When a volunteer signs up for this opportunity:

If the volunteer already has a background check for the required level (or higher), the sign-up goes on as usual.

If the volunteer does not have a background check for the required level or higher, they are prompted with a message telling them a background check is required, which provides a link which takes them to the background check page in the My Account section of the website:

When the volunteer clicks on the link they are taken to the page My Account / Background check.  This is the page where they will request a background check and manage it in the future.

To initiate a background check they select the level of verification they wish to apply for.   (The picklist values here are the ones you configured in the control panel in the field "Volunteer View Label")

They then click the Request Verification button which will take them to the Verified Volunteer site, transferring information from their HandsOn Connect registration for them for validation.

Note:  If you have different verifications configured for different categories of volunteers (by state, or by volunteer type), be sure to label the "Volunteer view labels" in the control panel so that's it clear to the volunteer which verification they need.  Always include the Level # in the title (since they know they have to apply for a certain level of clearance based on the volunteer opportunity they wanted to sign up for).

The volunteer will then be taken to the verified volunteer site

Click Continue and Verified Volunteers will walk them through the process of initiating their background check.

When the background check has been completed, the administrators will be notified by Verified Volunteers, and can adjudicate the background check.  When they mark the volunteer as eligible, HandsOn Connect will send an automated email letting them know they can search and sign up for projects requiring a completed background check.

A volunteer can see the current status and level of his verification in my account / Background Check

From here the volunteer can renew after being notified that his clearance will expire (a clear or eligible background check lasts for one year), and/or apply for a higher level of clearance.


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