Configure Verified Volunteers in the Control Panel

Set up Verified Volunteer (background check) types in control panel

To get started using Verified Volunteers in HandsOn Connect, you'll need to enter the Volunteer Verification types you've arranged with Verified Volunteers for your account.

Based on your contract with Verified Volunteers, you may have one or more types of background checks.  Each will have its own Package ID and a Level associated with it.

You'll enter all your background check types in the control panel / Verified Volunteer Types. (This is a one-time set-up unless you add new background check types in the future)

Go to Control Panel / Verified Volunteer Types

Initially there will be no types listed, here..  Click "New Volunteer Verification Type" to create your first (and any additional) Verified Volunteer Types.

There are four fields to configure for each verification type you have arranged with Verified Volunteers.

  • Type:   Level Type  (level 1, 2 or 3)
  • Description: Internal use description (so you can differentiate which package IDs and background check types are requested with that ID)
  • Package ID:  The Id given to you by Verified Volunteers that identifies the background check package
  • Volunteer View Label:  What the volunteer sees in "My Account" under the Background Check menu item. (See below)

Click Save to save each Volunteer Verification type.

Note:  The order you create these in, will be the order the options appear in to the volunteer.  (It's not possible to reorder these later)

Once you have your volunteer Verification types setup you'll be able to start requiring background checks for specific volunteer opportunities.


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