(Optional) Occurrence Names and Descriptions

In some configurations of the partner portal - Occurrences are allowed to have names and descriptions.

Sometimes you may have a volunteer opportunity that needs volunteers broken into separate shifts and/or positions.  Rather than using a Volunteer Event, and separate Volunteer Opportunities (each with one or more occurrences),  you could create a single volunteer opportunity, and for each 'shift' or 'position' volunteers are needed for, you can create a separate occurrence record and give each occurrence an "Occurrence Name" (Such as "Shift 1" "Registration" or "Cleanup Crew".   You can also optionally add a short description of this shift or position that will appear as part of the occurrence information

As an example, we have created a volunteer opportunity called Picnic in the Park, and put a general description of the picnic in the volunteer opportunity description.

We need volunteers for three different jobs at the picnic:

  • Check-In station. from 8:30 - 1:30
  • Lunch Distribution from 10:30 - 2:30 pm
  • Valet Parking from 11 am - 1 pm

So we'll create three occurrences for those three times the same day, and use the Occurrence Name field to identify the 'role' and the Occurrence Description to give volunteers a better idea of what they'll do in that role.

When creating or editing a date and time specific volunteer opportunity, you'll have the option of adding an occurrence name and occurrence description

How this will look on the public site:

When used...  Occurrence titles show up along with the date and time, and the Occurrence Description (if used) shows up in the Occurrence detail.


Katharine Ospina

I don't think I have this function available to me. Is there a way to add this option? I need this for an event that is taking place at multiple locations on the same day in the same city & zip.

Larry Deckel

Katharine — Please open a support ticket if you need this added to your sharing portal. It is not something you can configure yourself, but support can add these fields to your sharing portal by request. You'll then need to train your partners so they understand the function of these new fields which will appear when they create occurrences.

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