Adding a Skill to a Volunteer Opportunity

Your organization may optionally have added the ability to associate skills with a volunteer opportunity.   Skills may not be available in all partner portals.

If skills ARE enabled, you'll be able to add one or more skills (as defined by your system administrator) to your volunteer opportunities.  These skills will be searchable by volunteers on the public site so that someone looking for opportunities that match their skills, will find your opportunity!

If skills are enabled in your portal, here's how to add one or more skills to a volunteer opportunity:

Skills are added after you have created the volunteer opportunity

After you've created a volunteer opportunity you can add skills to it.   On the Volunteer Opportunity detail page you'll see a section labeled "Skills".   Click the Add Skill button to associate a skill with your volunteer opportunity.

Add Skill Page

To add a skill, drop down the picklist of skill names and select a skill.  

The skills available in your portal will vary.    Select a value and then click the Save Button.

You'll then get a confirmation and be returned to the opportunity detail page, and see the skill has been added.  

Click the Add Skill button again if you want to add additional skills.

To Delete a skill you no longer wish to associate with an opportunity, click the delete action on the skill you wish to delete.

Skills added to Volunteer Opportunities will not be required skills,  they are just skills that are associated with the opportunity.  If you wish to make a skill you've added required in order for a volunteer to sign up - please contact your system administrator.


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