Working with Locations

The Locations Menu item may or may not be available in your sharing portal.  In some organizations its left off for simplicity sake - in others its been activated allowing sharing portal users to edit existing locations as well as create new locations for existing volunteer opportunities and their occurrences.

Locations Page

If enabled for your sharing portal, the locations menu item will appear in the left navigation. Clicking on it will bring up a searchable, filterable list of all existing locations, and the option to view or edit them. The interface to search and/or filter is the same as the Volunteer Opportunity page.  You can create a new location from this page, OR view or edit existing locations.

Edit Page for Locations:

Note the warning at the top of the page.  This alerts you that editing this record will be changing the location information for more than just one opportunity.   If there are multiple opportunities and occurrences using the same location, you will be updating this info in ALL those records.

If you are wanting to change a location for just one opportunity or occurrence, you should NOT edit this record, but instead create a New Location.  Then edit the opportunity or occurrence to use your new location instead of the one it was sharing with other opportunities or occurrences.

View Location

Presents the location detail page.   If Edit permission ihas been granted to you, an edit button appears when viewing. Otherwise, you can just VIEW the location.detail.

By the way - if a location is edited - it is updated on the public site, generally within 15 minutes.  No automated notification is sent to volunteers if a location is edited -- so you may wish to email the volunteers manually to let them know the location has changed. (if for example you change the address, or added special directions, etc.).