Updating Organizational Information

The "My Organization" menu item gives sharing portal users the ability to view and edit their organizational information.

The first section allows you to edit the information about the organization itself.

The second section allows you to view and edit the staff members of your organization.  See this article for details on this second section.

My Organization Detail Page

Clicking on the menu item "My Organization" allows you to see the information that was submitted when the organization was registered on the site.   Clicking on the edit button will allow you to edit the organizational information"

Edit My Organization

In edit mode you can update information about your organization to keep it current and accurate.

  • Use the WYSIWYG editor to update your organization's Mission Statement (which appears on the 'browse organization detail' page for your organizaiton.
  • You can view or delete the current logo associated with your organization by clicking on 'View" or 'delete' while in edit mode.   You can then add a new logo  (113 x 113 size is recommended, and square is always best so its not compressed) by dragging and dropping a logo into place.

See this article for information on updating your organization contacts.


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