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  • Updated on: Jan 17, 2023

    Adding charts to page layouts

    In its Winter '14 release - Salesforce has made it possible to embed charts into a page layout. These charts can display useful overview data to give you visual information about a record you are viewing.

    Charts can be added to page layout in any object... but let's show an example of creating a chart to embed in the contact record:

  • Sometimes you want to get a report on hours served, but only want to see SOME of the volunteers, based on their answer to a custom registration question.

    Unfortunately, the relationship of connections to contacts, and registration answers to contacts makes it impossible to pull the answer to a registration question into a report involving connections.

    However, you can use cross-filters to limit the report results and see only connections associated with SOME contacts.

    Example: Let's say you had a custom registration question that asked volunteers if they had a relationship with the University of Georgia. You can then create a cross filter that looks through ALL the registration answers and only brings in records with an appropriate picklist value.

  • Updated on: Jan 17, 2023

    2.5 Release Patch 2

    Manual Release Notes
  • If you have enabled the advanced feature that allows for batch importing connections, you'll want a report that allows you to get the Contact ID and Team Member ID for contacts you want to batch create team connections for. Here's the basics of such a report:

  • Updated on: Jan 17, 2023

    Personal Information

    On this page volunteers can update the personal information that they entered during registration. The system administrator can customized this page, choosing which fields of information the volunteer can edit or require on this page. (See customizing the registration page).

  • Volunteer Leaders with access to reports, might appreciate a handy little report that shows them all the upcoming occurrences of Volunteer Opportunities where they are the Opportunity Coordinator - as well as as at-a-glance view of the volunteers signed up for each. Here's how to make such a report:

  • This feature is enabled to support the use of Campaigns, which is a native functionality of Campaigns can be used in a variety of ways and are often utilized with 3rd party Mass Email applications found on the Salesforce AppExchange.

    While Campaigns is not part of the HandsOn Connect applications, we hope that customers that are leveraging this tool will be able to utilize the "Add to Campaign" functionality to make it easier to add contacts to your campaigns based on their involvement. We think this will be helpful in managing communications and donation efforts around volunteer events and disaster response.

    To learn more about campaigns and how they could be beneficial to your organization, click here to see documentation from

  • This functionality allows users to move or copy a set of connections from one occurrence to another occurrence or volunteer opportunity. Make sure you train any user that you grant this feature to so that they don't duplicate or corrupt your data.

  • Updated on: Jan 17, 2023

    Batch Creating Connections

  • For system administrators and/or staff that do a lot of administrative handling of data -- there are a number of data management tools that can be enabled in HandsOn Connect by your system administrator:

    • Batch Creation of Teams from the contact record
    • Batch creation of Connection from the contact record
    • Import Team Members (making it possible to create team members from a report result)
    • Import Connections - which makes it possible to import connections for team members
    • Batch Moving or Copying of Connections (from occurrence record)
    • Adding occurrence connection contacts to a campaign (for use with a mass emailing tool that works with Salesforce Campaigns