HOC Release Notes (December 07, 2023)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below:

New Features:

Listing Block - Select all option in data tables (HOC3-18161)

New settings were included that allow the use of a checkbox in the header for select/deselect all and the option to include the number of items selected.

Listing Block: Visual Improvements to Filters (HOC3-18630)

We added a visual improvement to how filters work by including a checkbox field for custom logic. This functionality works similar to how filters work with Salesforce list views. The default logic is AND, which means all conditions must be true.

When you check the Enable Custom Logic option the AND logic is removed so you can enter custom logic like the example below.

  1. Contact Profile = Volunteer OR
  2. Contact Profile = Partner Staff AND
  3. Email is not equal to Empty.

In the Advanced Condition box you would enter (1or2)and3.

ISO Express Interest with a Schedule Improvements (HOC3-18648)

When signing up for an Express Interest Opportunity with Schedule the volunteer will need to add a schedule or day and time before the Express Interest button is active. In the image below you'll notice that the button is greyed out because a schedule hasn't been added.

After a schedule is added the Express Interest button becomes active.

Bug Fixes:

Form - Show/Hide field logic (HOC3-18704)

Fixed an issue that prevented the form logic from hiding fields on the initial page load.

Custom Form: Calculate Field not working with Currency Fields (HOC3-18762)

The Calculate Field in Custom Forms will now work with Currency and Percent fields.

Page with Session Variables (HOC3-18763)

Fixed an issue that prevented session variables on pages from functioning correctly.

Listing Block: Save P Parameters to Salesforce (HOC3-18778)

Fixed an issue that prevented URL parameters from saving to a Salesforce field.


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