HOC Release Notes (January 11, 2024)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below:

New Features:

Custom Form: Field Mapping Improvements (LHH-18593)

Fields copied to a hidden value will now display on the form canvas to prevent accidentally saving the form with unmapped fields and to provide additional clarity with the form's field configuration.

Listing Block: Export to CSV Improvements (LHH-18794)

A new setting was included in Sitewide Settings that allows the CSV separator to be customized. This is helpful when users have another delimiter set like a semi-colon in their browser. This is typically region specific.

Possible values include commas, tabs, space and semicolons.

Custom Forms: Scrolling with Sections (LHH-18592)

We added improvements to custom forms that will allow the form to automatically scroll up or down when adding a component above or below a large section.

CSS Class on Image Block (LHH-18871)

The CSS Class on the Image Block is now available for CMS Administrators who are looking to customize the block's appearance using CSS code.

Bug Fixes:

ARS Forms: Field Mapping to Multiple Objects (LHH-18856)

We fixed an issue that prevented fields from appearing in an ARS Form when the form is mapped to Contacts and Connections. In addition, we fixed an issue that prevented picklist fields from loading values directly from Salesforce.

Kiosk Guest Registration (LHH-18895)

We fixed an issue that prevented contacts who registered as guest on the kiosk from logging into the volunteer portal.


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