Using QR Codes for check-in

An alternative method of checking in volunteers is through the use of a HandsOn Connect "Access Pass".  The access pass contains a QR code which can be scanned as an alternative to typing in one's email address when checking in.

There are two small steps that must be taken in order to start using QR Scanning and making Access Passes available to the volunteer.

Administrative steps necessary to enable QR Scanning

1) Open a case and request the QR scanning be enabled for your check-in kiosk. Once enabled, your check-in kiosk will show a new option: "Scan Code"

2). Go to the profiles your HandsOn Connect users are using.  This is typically System Administrator and Staff (plus any custom profiles you are using).   Go to Setup / Profiles and select the Occurrence Object.

Edit the profile and grant read and edit permission to the field "Enable QR Check-in" for each profile if it is not already granted.   (This is necessary to make the field visible and editable  for those users)

While you're in the profile, you might see some other newly added occurrence fields that aren't enabled for your profiles. This might be a good time to turn them on for future use :-)

3)  Add the field "Enable QR Check-In" to the occurrence record.  We recommend adding a new section "Check-In Kiosk" and placing the two kiosk related fields in this section. (See screenshot)

3)  Optional:   You can update confirmation emails (if desired) so that a link to the access pass will be presented when Enable QR check-In is checked for an occurrence.   If you wish to do this follow these additional steps found here:

You'll be updating between one and five of the possible emails sent as confirmations to date and time specific opportunities, and adding conditional code that will notify volunteers that a quick pass is available.   (They already will see this on the 'success page' when signing up, and in their account overview.   But if you want to add to emails as well, follow the steps in the link above.


The scanning option operates only on the following devices /browsers

Mac Desktop - Current versions of Chrome or Firefox.   (note: Not compatible with Safari)

Windows Desktop - Current versions of Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge. (Not compatible with Internet Explorer)

Android Mobile Devices

IOS Mobile Devices -- must use IOS App HandsOn Connect Admin Kiosk to scan volunteers for check-in.  IOS will not support use of browsers for QR check-in.

Making the Access Pass accessible to your volunteers

For any occurrence in which you plan to use the check-in kiosk and make Access Passes available for scanned check-in, set the value of "Enable QR Check-In" to true for that occurrence~

You only want to enable QR check-in for occurrences where you are planning to have a check-in kiosk or mobile scanning app available to check-in volunteers.  It would be frustrating for volunteers to go to the trouble of printing an access pass if you are not planning to scan these.   Only check this field as true for occurrences where you're planning on using the kiosk and scanning QR codes.

When "Enable QR check-In" has been set to true for an occurrence - a volunteer, after signing up will see the following additional messaging on the success page:

Clicking on "Download Access Pass" will present an access pass .pdf which can be printed out and presented for scanning during the check-in process:

The access pass will also be accessible at any time from the "My Account Page"

The help button presents the following help screen to explain what the access pass is for:

Clicking on Access Pass here also presents the access pass and its QR code, which can be printed or downloaded.

A connection only appears in the "Upcoming Opportunities" section of the account overview page UP TO the start date and time of the connection.  If a volunteer arrives late, their connection will be found in "Volunteer History" now, but the link to the Access Pass will still be accessible until the end date and time of the scheduled connection - making it possible a late volunteer to still access the QR code for check-in, via the 'access pass' link.

Checking in volunteers with Access Passes:

Computer or Laptop:

To scan a QR code with a computer or laptop you'll need to have a laptop / computer with a built in camera.   The volunteer (or whoever is checking in volunteer), just needs to click on the "Scan Code" button.  You may have to grant your PC permission to use the camera the first time you use it.  

After clicking on the Scan Code button you'll be presented with a target area to line up your QR code for scanning (as well as a choice of which camera to use).   Place the QR code in the red box area and it will be scanned, thereby checking the volunteer in without their having to type their email address:


Phone or Tablet:

Android phones and tablets can use the check-in kiosk directly by logging into your kiosk with the built in browser on these devices.

IOS users (apple phones and ipads) can not use their browsers to check-in with the kiosk (This is due to limitations for camera access in IOS browsers).

If you are using an iphone or ipad to check-in volunteers and wish to be able to scan QR codes, you must first use the HandsOn Connect Admin Kiosk app which you can download from the IOS app store:

To use the app -- launch it, and select your organization from the list of organizations with a HandsOn Connect check-in kiosk.  Once you've selected your organization, you'll be prompted to activate the kiosk using the same activation code you normally use on a browser.

Once activated -- the app will function in the same way as the kiosk operates in a browser - but will enable the QR option.  If the 'Scan Code" option is selected, it will activate the IOS device camera to scan the QR code.

Please be aware of the following limitations to the use of QR codes:

  • At the present time, QR codes only operate for checking in a volunteer.  If you have enabled check-in / check-out, the QR code does not presently check out a volunteer.   Presenting the QR code again will change the check-in time for the volunteer.   (This will be addressed in a future release and it will be possible to use the QR code / Access Pass to check-out for an opportunity. For now, if you wish volunteers to check-out - they should type their email address into the kiosk when they are ready to check-out.
  • QR codes are only available for volunteers with existing connections.  Guests will have to check-in by entering their email address in the kiosk.
  • Team members - if they were registered by their team captain and do not have an active account in HandsOn Connect, will not have access passes either.  They will have to check-in by entering their email address into the kiosk.  (Team Captains will not receive multiple access passes for all their team members.)


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