Administrative Speedup to begin Using Team Creation with Account Lookup Feature

If you wish to start using this feature - your system administrator will have to do some mass data updates and determine how to handle new accounts in the future.  Read through this article to see if you're comfortable with the needed administrative speedup required.

There are three steps to start using the new Team Creation with Account Lookup Feature.  This should be done by your system administrator.

1. Request that the Feature be Activated for your organization

Open a help ticket and request adding the "Team Creation with Account Lookup" feature.

Because you'll be altering the default team creation rules by adding the field(s) organization lookup and type of group, you'll no longer be able to use the Default Rules for Team Creation.  So please define which fields you want to make visible, and which fields you want to make required when creating a team:

  • Team Description
  • Email
  • Phone
  • Age
  • Type of Group

The fields Team Name, First Name, and Last Name will remain visible and required, but the others can be hidden and/or required.

These new settings will replace the default team creation rules which are:

"When creating a team the fields Team name, Description, First name and Last name are required. Also required are EITHER a unique email address OR a phone number for each team member UNLESS a value is put in the field Company/Group Affiliation, in which case you do not have to supply an email OR a phone number for the team members."

When activating this feature - you can no longer use the either/or requirement for email / phone number.  (Also note that if you make email address required, each team member will have to have a unique email address, which can make it difficult to create family teams, or teams where the captain does not wish emails to be sent to team members).

2. Add two new fields to page layouts (and check profile access)

Accounts (Organizations)

Add the field "Use for Team Creation" to the page layouts for Business and NonProfit Organizations.

Do not add it to the page layouts for Household or Individual Accounts:

Check the System Admin and Staff profile and make sure they have access to read and write  to this field.

Volunteer Teams:

Add the field "Type of Group" to the page layout you are using for Volunteer Teams.

Check the System Admin and Staff profile and make sure they have access to read and write  to this field.

Optional:  If you wish to edit the picklist values of "Type of Group" you can do so.  However, do not delete, edit, or change the picklist value "Family & Friends", as it has a special function when using this feature.

3. Update Existing Account Records you wish to be searchable when creating teams.

For any account record you wish to be searchable and associated when creating a team -- update the account record by checking the checkbox "Use for Team Creation Lookup".   Only those accounts with this box checked as true - will be found when searching during team creation.

The easiest way to do this would be to create a list view of accounts that you'd like to include, include the 'Use for Team Creation Lookup" field in the view - and do a 'mass update' of account records (what record type at a time).

See this video for a quick tutorial on how to do a mass update of account/organizations records to include them in the team lookup once you have it activated. (The video also shows you how this will work on the website):


How do you want to handle new organizations in the future?

If, going forward, you ALWAYS want to include all new organizations that are created in team creation search -  you can write a workflow rule or process, that says "When a new organization is created of record type Business or NonProfit" then - as an immediate action, update the field "Use for Team Creation Lookup" to True.

Or just update the field on a case by case basis when you create new organizations.


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