Rules governing team creation on the public site

The "Create a Team" form on the public site is very flexible and forgiving.  It was built to allow a variety of scenarios that might exist when creating a team.

Ideally people will fill in all the fields, but if they don't messages advise you on fields that must be filled in before creating a team.   There are a number of possible variations, and this post will tell you the 'rules' over what is minimally required.

The Team Creation Form

The Team Creation Form

Default Rules governing creating a team on the public site:

1.  Every Team member must have a first name and last name

2.  No two team members can have the same email address   (since no two users can have the same user name in HandsOn Connect

3. You must fill out at least ONE of these fields on the form:

--  Company / Group Affiliation

--  An email address

--  A phone number

Ideally we'd like people to supply us with all three, but this flexibility provides a solution for creating a team when not everyone has unique email addresses.

Other things to understand about creating teams:

1.  The team captain does not have to enter themselves as a member of their team.  By creating the team they are automatically made a team captain!  There name will appear at the top of the team list so they shouldn't add themselves again :-). (In the image above - Art Trout is the team captain creating the team and this was auto-entered for him).

2.  Additional team captains can be designated on the team, but ONLY if they have an email address.   You cannot be a team captain without an email address!

3.  Team members who do not have email addresses submitted will not be notified that they've been made a team member.  (They can't be!)  All team members with email addresses will receive a notification that they've been added to the team, and encouraging them to register on the public site if they don't already have an account.

If the team captain omits required information they will be be prompted on how to correct the problem.

If the team captain omits required information they will be be prompted on how to correct the problem.

Here are some of the messages that appear

Options for Team Creation

The rules for creating teams as described above are the default settings for HOC team creation. If provides the most flexibility in creating teams.  Again: Here's the default rules for creating teams:

"When creating a team the fields Team name, Description, First name and Last name are required. Also required are EITHER a unique email address OR a phone number for each team member UNLESS a value is put in the field Company/Group Affiliation, in which case you do not have to supply an email OR a phone number for the team members.

However -- if your business process is such that you wish to change the default requirements for  creating teams and team members HOC can be configured by the support team for custom team creation rules.  (i.e. Email is always required, or don't display or require Team Description).   Open a support ticket if you wish to enable custom team creation rules.  


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