Administratively Adding Team Members

All contacts that you wish to associate with a Volunteer Team, must already exist within your HandsOn Connect instance.  

If the contacts do not exist in the system, you can either add the contacts to your system one at a time by creating new contact records,  or you can import / batch add contacts to the system

Adding Contacts as Volunteer Team Members (One at a time)

You can add team members to a team from two starting points.  

a) From the Volunteer Team record

b) From the Contact Record, if you are adding an organization's contacts to the organization's team, you can start at the Organization record, and open the related Contacts in a new tab or window to create the Team Member relationship.

For both, the "New Volunteer Team Member" button will be present in the Volunteer Team Members related list as shown in the Team Member record below.

Since we're in the Volunteer Team Record -- let's create a volunteer team member from here:

Since we're in the Volunteer Team Record -- let's create a volunteer team member from here:

Click on "New" in the related list for Volunteer Team Members.  This will open the new Volunteer Team Member screen:

1) Volunteer Team-  Use the lookup to find the existing team or it will bepre-populated if you started from the Volunteer Team record

2) Contact-  Use the lookup to find existing contacts or pre-populated if you started from the Contact record.  (Note: if the team member is not already a contact in the system - you'll need to create the contact record first!)

3) Team Member Email-  Leave blank.  Will populate when you've saved the record.

4) Status- Options are "Pending", "Confirmed", "Declined", and "Former".    

For administratively created teams - you can mark 'em pending or confirmed.

If the captain is going to administer the team from the public site -- make the captain's status Confirmed!  Otherwise mark them all as pending if you are just using this as a way of administratively tracking this 'team'.

5) Hours Served-  Leave blank.  This field is populated based on this team member's participation in Volunteer Opportunities as part of this team.  Does not show hours volunteered as an individual.

6) Captain-  Check the box if this contact will serve as a Team Captain for this team.  All teams need at least one team captain, and will serve as your contact(s) for this team.

Once you have completed the fields, click save.

Repeat the steps above until all the team members have been added to the team.  Use the Recent Items list to return to the appropriate Volunteer Team or Organization, if necessary.


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