Administratively Creating a Volunteer Team

We've shown how teams are created on the public site.  But what if you want to create a team administratively on behalf of a volunteer, or to track a team administratively.

Let's start by thinking how you could create a small team administratively.  

First we have to create the team.

Then we need to add the team members!

Here's how to create the team!

Creating a New Team

Go to the Volunteer Teams tab, and click on "New"

Creating a New Team

For Volunteer Teams associated with an organization, you can also create the team from the Organization's record, by going to the Volunteer Team related list and selecting "Create a New Team"

1) Volunteer Team Name-  This is a required field, but does not need to be unique.  

2) Organization-  If the team is associated with an organization that is in your system, you'll be able to make the association through this lookup.  (If you created the Team from the organization's record then this field will be pre-populated)

3) Status-  The options are "Active" or "Inactive".   Since we are going to use this team, we make it active.

4) Description- Allows you the opportunity to add a description.  This helps people who are part of a team understand what the teams purpose is.

Once you have completed all the fields, click save.

Next we'll want to associate Team Members with the Team


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