Team rules and page text updates available by request

By default, teams work as described in this manual's chapter "Team Overview"   However, in order to meet the different needs of a range of organizations that work with groups of volunteers, there are number of customizations available that can be enabled in your instance of HandsOn Connect by request.   This article summarizes the range of team variations and changes that are available, centralizing the notes on the many new team-related options  that have been rolled out over the last year and announced via release notes:

Option:  Change the default team creation rules

This article summarizes the default rules for the creation of teams.  If however, you wish to disable the default team rules, and instead require (or not require) certain fields, this can be done by request.  See this article for more information.

Option:  Associate teams with selected organizations in your data

By default, when creating a team, you are not required to name an associated organization.  Even when someone fills in an organization name, it is just a text reference to the organization, and not automatically associated with a corresponding organization in your data.  With this option enabled - you can require a search of your existing organization database, and have team captains make that association if it exists.  See this Chapter for information on how this option works, and how to administratively update your data to determine which organizations become searchable.

Option: Allow team captains to sign up anonymous volunteers

A team is always made up of named team members who can then be signed up for a volunteer opportunity by the team captain.  With this feature enabled, a team captain, during opportunity sign-up, can sign up existing team members AND reserve spaces for unnamed volunteers (guests / anonymous slots).  See this article for a description of how this option works, and how to administratively enable it. (Note: This feature can be enabled by your system administrator and requires no request to the support team in order to use).

We continue to expand the Beta Program of being able to request changes to the Team Creation Process, and changing the default text on a number of team-related pages.  Here is the list of pages where the content can be changed for you by the support team:


  • /my-teams/details


  • /my-teams/create



You can add additional content to place on the page that appears when you sign up or express interest as a team (in case you want to add additional information

While these pages are not yet accessible to you in the CMS - the support team has access to edit the text for you if your business needs require it.  Please open a support ticket if you need this text edited on your site, and indicate which page(s) and the content you wish to have to replace the editable content on these pages.

You do have direct access to edit the Success Pages after a team signs up or expresses interest.  Those pages are available in the CMS under Content / Pages

  • Volunteer Opportunity Confirmation - Team Express Interest
  • Volunteer Opportunity Confirmation - Team Sign-Up

This capability is still in Beta - and may not be available for all site designs.


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