HandsOn Connect Complete Field List - always consult before editing fields!

In this training and manual we are going to show the various ways in which HandsOn Connect can be customized and edited.

As a system administrator, you have full access to the majority of the fields in HandsOn Connect, including the ability to edit picklists.

However -- even though it is technically possible to edit all the picklists -- for the most part -- you should not  edit most of them.  Many of the picklists in HandsOn Connect are critical to the execution of the code that renders the public site, or part of national integration. The ability of your instance of HandsOn Connect to automatically provide the data needed for the HandsOn Network's Annual Affiliate Report depends on picklists of data being collected nationwide to remain consistent.

Click here to access the Hands On Connect Field List

How do I know which fields can and can't be edited?  How do I know which picklists can and can't be changed?

How do I know which fields can and can't be edited?  How do I know which picklists can and can't be changed?

The Hands On Connect Field List shared in Google Docs is a guide to the fields that are part of the HandsOn Connect product.  Before making any changes to an existing field you should consult this list to determine whether or not the field is one that can be safely edited.

Here's the information that's contained in the field list:

Row A: Object -- 

Row B: The field label as seen on the site in the object record

Row C: Field API  - the actual unique name of the field record  (while Field Labels may get updated over time - the Field API will remain what was originally defined when the field was created.

Row D:  Field Type

Row E:  The Picklist Values that shipped with the product

Row F:   The default value if it is specified

Row G:  Should be Populated?  Indicates if data in this field is required or recommended.

Row H:  Notes

Row I:  Help/Definition

Row J:  Editable.    This is the most important column to consult before modifying a picklist.  If the field is marked Do Not Edit it's critical that you do not change the picklist values from the defaults shown.  If you alter these -- you run the risk of the product not working properly.  Do not rename, delete, or add values to this field.

If the row says "YES" then you can safely add, change or delete picklist values in this field.


Row K - Integration -  explains if the field is part of national integration for search, civic transcripts, skilled volunteerism, or national metrics and reporting.

Row L - HOT -  Indicates whether the field existed in HandsOn Technology and was imported from HOT users

Row M - 800 - indicates whether the field existed in 1-800-volunteer and was imported from 1800 users.

Note:  This list is the original list of HOC fields.  A number of fields have been added to the HOC managed package since this list was originally created.   If you have questions about a field in an object that you do NOT find in the field list -- open a support ticket and inquire about the field.   Whenever we get an inquiry about a field that is not on the list - we update the field list to include it for future reference.  

Also: If a field is marked "Do not Edit" and you DO wish to edit it - open a support ticket. There are some situations in which a field can be safely edited and we will advise you on the circumstances.


Larry Deckel

Melissa: Please refresh page and try again. It should work now. Keep in mind that this was the original list of fields in HOC and is not reflective of many features and new fields that have been added over time. Whenever you have a question about whether or not to update a field or picklist, please submit a ticket via the support center.

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