Creating new organization-wide email addresses

You can add additional organization-wide email addresses if desired.

These become available to use as FROM addresses for email alerts, or for any manual emails sent from Salesforce.

You can control who can use the 'from' address by restricting the address to certain profiles.

Creating a new Organization-Wide Email Address

Creating a new Organization-Wide Email Address

Go to Setup / Admin Setup / Email Administration / Organization-Wide Addresses

Click on the ADD button

You can choose a display name (what the address will appear as in picklists) and the email address you wish to use:

Make sure its a valid email address for your organization.   Examples: [email protected]    [email protected]

Optionally you can limit the use of this address to users with a specific profile.

Limiting to staff and system administrator makes sense for manual emails -- but if you wish to use them for workflows its best to select "Allow All Profiles to use..." as the workflow may be initiated by someone using the public site or portals.

Save... and you will be sent a verification email to activate this email address and make it available for system use.



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