Workflows, Flows and Processes - what's the difference?

NOTE: Salesforce is retiring Process Builders and Workflows.  Use Flows instead.  To learn more about flows go to

NOTE: Process Builders (and Workflows) that are part of the standard HandsOn Connect will be migrated over time.

NOTE: Process Builders (and Workflows) that are not part of HandsOn Connect, even if built by our team as part of custom work (prior to January 31, 2022), are not scheduled to be migrated.  If the customer has process builders and workflows and desires that our team migrates these,  if needed, please request a quote.

Salesforce has not said that process builders will stop working.  Instead, they will not be actively supported, and you will not be able to create new ones, at some point.

Also, Salesforce will be providing tools to migrate the process builders (some are already in beta).   Our current recommendations for your custom process builders are:

  1. Wait to see what tools Salesforce provides and then wait longer until these have been widely used.
  2. Do not create new process builders.  Instead, use flows.
  3. If you have a process builder that needs to be rebuilt or heavily modified, consider doing it as a flow.

Here is what Salesforce has said about their next releases:

  • Summer ‘22 Release – Launch migration tool for Process Builders
  • Winter ‘23 Release – We will no longer be able to create new Process Builders or Workflow Rules

Salesforce has three automation tools

Workflows - This is the long-running automation tool in Salesforce. Much of the automation in HandsOn Connect was built by using workflows.  Read further in this chapter to learn about working with workflows, and the many workflows that are part of HandsOn COnnect.

Processes - Processes are built using "Process Builder" - and have largely replaced workflows as the easiest and most powerful way to create automations in Salesforce.  We recommend learning about Process Builder and using it, rather than workflows, to create new automations in your HandsOn Connect instance.

Flows: Flows are even more powerful than Processes but requiring a greater amount of progammng knowledge.  They are built using Cloud Flow Designer and have a relatively steep learning curve. They allow for user interaction and can handle complex looping processes.

To learn more about which automation tool to use, see this article in Salesforce Help.

To learn more about Processes and Flows — see this training module in Trailhead:

Lightning Flow


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