Working with Email Alert workflow actions

Email Alerts are the basis for many of the email notifications that are automated in the system such as confirmation messages to volunteers when they sign-up as well as notfiying agencies of the sign-ups.

Email Alerts

Email Alerts

To view the email alerts go to Setup/App Setup/ Create/ Workflow & Approvals/ Email Alerts.

This shows you the description, email template, and the object assocaited with the Alert.

Click on the description of the Email Alert to view the details.

Email Alert Detail

Email Alert Detail

1) From Email Address- Indicates who the email will be sent from.  The typical options here are "Current User", "Default Workflow User", or using your "Organization Wide Email Address".

  • Use "Current User" if the sender should always be the  user who triggers the workflow.
  • Use 'default workflow user' if you want it to come from the designated default workflow user in your organization (usually your System Administrator). (NOTE: you can set the default workflow user in Setup / Process Automation Settings)
  • Use your Organization wide email address when you want it to come from your specified 'general' reply-to email.   (See this article on setting your organization-wide email address)
  • See the info section at the end of this article for the recommended settings for all the Email Alerts that are part of HandsOn Connect if you are editing any existing email alerts.

2) Recipients-  shows who will receive the email.  In most cases this will be the Opportunity Coordinator, Partner staff, or Volunteer

3) Email Template-  This is a link to the template used when this email alert is triggered.  

4) Rules using this email alert-   This provides a link to the Workflow Rule that operates this email alert, so when the conditions in the rule are met, then this email is generated using the associated email template.  

You can turn on/off this rule from here or from the Workflow rules list. Most of the rules are managed and can't be edited only activated/deactivated

Editing Recipient or Sender

Click Edit at the top of  the Email Alert Detail

1) Email Template-  If you would like to designate a different email template to use for this alert, you can do a look-up to associate a different template.  You only need to do this if you want a completely different email template to be used.  If you are just wanting to edit the email template follow the steps found here.

It is not recommended that you modify any of the standard email Alerts, rather click Clone from the Email Alert Detail page. Make the changes to the clone and then deactivate the original alert to begin using the new alert and template.

2)   Recipients

Recipient Type: this drop down lets you search for the emails based on various groups such as Users, Groups, and Email Field.  Usually you will use "Email Fields"

Available Recipients:  This is based on the Recipient Type.  You can choose any of the Available Recipients and use the Add arrow to move them to Selected Recipients.  

Selected Recipients:  This indicactes the users from the various types that have been selected to receive this email alert.  You can select multiple recipients.    If you select a recipient such as Email field: Volunteer Coordinator Email, it'll use the Volunteer Coordinator's email associated with the volunteer opportunity that has triggered the alert.

Note: Volunteer Coordinator Email is the Opportunity Coordinator Email

Additional Emails: This section allows you to manually enter up to 5 emails addresses that you want to receive the notice by default, regardless of their association to the alert or activity.

3) From email Address: There are three types of From Email Addresses that will appear in this picklist:

  • Current User's Email Address   (i.e. whoever created or edited the record that the workflow rule evaluated)
  • Default Workflow User:    (the default email address that is used whenever an email alert is created).
  • a SystemWide Email Address:   (these are email addresses you can define and make available for use in the system)

It is NOT recommended that you mark the checkbox to make this the default email for this object -- you'll want to set different From emails for different email alerts.

Once you are done making the edits, Click Save.

Advanced Tip:  When searching for the 'recipient type", the "Related User" list pulls the values of the default Partner Approval Manager, Opportunity Approval Manager, and Volunteer Leader Approval Manager and sets that person as the recipient.  This is used for the email alerts "New Organization hass Registered" , "Occurrence Approval Requested" and "Opportunity Approval Requested".

This is the best setting for these alerts if you use only ONE person as Opportunity Approval Manager for all your organizations.

If you wish to have different opportunity approval managers associated with different organizations, then you want to set the email alert recipient for "Occurrence Approval Requested" and "Opportunity Approval Requested" to "Email Field: Opportunity Approval Manager Email"   (search through recipient type "Email Field").   This will pull the email address directly from the opportunity or occurrence record, RATHER than from the setting in the control panel).

For Reference Only:

Here are the recommended settings for the "From Email Address" for the Email Alerts that are part of the HOC managed package.  You can change these if desired.   In the screenshot below, anywhere you see the From Email Address as "HandsOn Connect" <[email protected]> you should update your email alerts to use YOUR organization-wide email address.


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