Working with Sections in the page layout

A page layout is made up of sections.

Editing Sections

Click on the wrench across from the section name to edit characteristics of a section.

Section Properties

Section Properties

You cannot rename a section that is part of a managed object, but you can change the layout from 2 columns to 1, and set the tab-key order.

You can determine whether or not a section appears when you are in the edit mode.

Sections can also be dragged and dropped to different locations on the page layout.

You can drag and drop sections to change the order in which they appear

If you don't like where they wound up, hit CTRL-Z to undo the move.

You can add additiional sections by grabbing the SECTION item from the palette and dragging it onto the layout.

While you cannot rename a section that is part of the managed product - you can do this!

1. Create a new section with the name you want to use

2. Drag it onto the layout

3. Drag the fields from the managed section, to your new one.

4. Remove the old section from the layout!


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