Editing the Related Lists in Page Layouts

Related lists can be added, reordered or removed from the layout in the same way as you did with sections.

You can also edit which related lists appear in a layout, as well as which fields appear in the related list.

Adding or Deleting Related Lists to page layouts

Click on the "Related Lists" item in the sidebar, and you can see the available related lists.  You can drag additional ones to the page layout and place them wherever you like.

1. You can drag a related list by its 'handle' and move its location anywhere in the layout. (Thereby changing the order the related lists appear in)

2. You can click on the X and remove the list from the layout.  (Or drag it back into the related list tray above)

3.  You can click on the wrench to edit the lists properties

Editing a List's properties

Editing a List's properties

You can choose which fields are available in the related list, and the order they appear in.

You can set the order that they are sorted by.

Keep in mind there is a limited amount of space in the related list -- so don't cram in too many fields!



You can speed up entry by applying the related list properties to all the layouts at once!

You can control the buttons that appear on the related list


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