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(Advanced) Organization Record: How to change the 'type' picklist to make it dependent on Organization Record Type

Organization (Account) picklists present a special challenge, because we have two record types: Nonprofit and Business.

The same 12 picklist fields appear in both record types -- but the values we might want to have on the picklist may be different depending on whether it is a nonprofit record of a business record.

For example:

There is an editable picklist for organizations called Goods and Services which includes all the goods and services that an organization might provide.

And even though we have one picklist for goods and services-- we may only want certain "goods and services" to appear in each record type.

Here's how we made the TYPE picklist, dependent on the Record Type

Here is a master list of picklist values for the field "Goods and Services" from the standard object "Organizations" (Accounts)

When I add picklist values to this editable list -- I am adding values that by default, will be part of the picklist for both nonprofit organizations AND Business organizations.

But "Accepts Donated Goods" probably is a value that only applies to nonprofit organizations, and "Employee Gift Matching Program" only applies to businesses.

So I want to control which record type gets which picklist values from this list.

Go to Setup / App Setup / Accounts / Record Types

Remember, in Salesforce, what we call "Organizations" in HandsOn Connect, are called "Accounts". They are the same thing!

We want to make changes to the BUSINESS record type, and to the Nonprofit record type. Click on the hyperlink of Business:

Here in the Business Record Type - You'll now see all the picklists that are available for editing

In this case, we want to edit the picklist "Goods and Services" so we click on edit

We can now add or remove any of the available picklist values, and set a default value that we wish to have appear (or leave it at none if you want to force the user to make a choice)

We can now edit which values are selected for the Business Record Type from the Available list.

In this case, we have moved over all values except "Accepts Donated Goods" (which would apply only to nonprofits).

Now only the desired picklist values appear on the list.

We can repeat this process for the nonprofit record type -- and add the value "Accepts donated goods" and remove the value "Employee Gift Matching Program"

Now only the appropriate picklist values show up for each record type!


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