Organization Wide Email Addresses -- Configuring "Affiliate Address"

In general the Organization Wide Email Addresses are emails that you can make available to System Admins and Staff for use in creating email alerts or sending other emails through HandsOn Connect.  

Customers can create as many organization wide email addresses and grant access to various profile to use them.   More information on the organization wide email address can be found at Help & Training.

In order to ensure deliverability of emails from the system, many workflows use an organization-wide email address as the sender of a number of emails.

An example of this is the "Waitlisted Opportunity Now Open" email alert.

This email address is generally set for you when you are first onboarded into HandsOn Connect. But make sure that you still have this email address as its been noted in the Control Panel.


Accessing Organization-Wide Email Addresses

Accessing Organization-Wide Email Addresses

"Affiliate Address" is a special organization-wide email address used by the system.

"Affiliate Address" is a special organization-wide email address used by the system.

It was originally required to be named Affiliate Address - but now you can give it any name you choose.

The reason to allow all profiles is that if you use this From Address for an email alert that is triggered from the public site by a volunteer (such as notification of Volunteer Sign-ups or Waitlisted Opportunity Now Open) if the Volunteer profile doesn't have access to this From Address then it could send from the current user's email instead.

When you Save the Email Address, you'll receive an email at that address to verify the Organization Wide Email Address

Once you've defined the name of the organization-wide email address you want to use -- update the control panel

Go to Control Panel  and in the System Default section, populate the "Display name of Default Organization-Wide Email Address" with the same display name you are using on the Organization-Wide Email address you defined (or edited)   They must match!

If you started with HandsOn Connect prior to May, 2016

Check that you've updated all the email alerts in your system as instructed in the May 2016 Release Notes.  (See Item 1in this post):



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