Best Practice: Keep a record of all changes you make to HandsOn Connect and Saleforce

Because of turnover in nonprofit organizations - its quite possible that the System Administrator who first customizes HandsOn Connect will move on and a new System Administrator will take their place. If problems or confusion result with HandsOn Connect in the future -- it can be very difficult to diagnose the cause once HandsOn Connect has been modified from its original configuration..

Create a spreadsheet or other document as a logbook of what was changed and by whom.

We highly recommend documenting any and all changes you make to HandsOn Connect and Salesforce in ONE central spreadsheet, that anyone will be able to access.

One way to do this is to create an excel document on your computer, and then add it as a File stored in Salesforce in a folder your entire staff has access to.

Each week (or at least once a month) -- replace the existing document in SF with the latest copy from your local computer.

This way -- a complete history of changes will remain accessible in your instance of Salesforce.

This document will prove invaluable in troubleshooting issues, working with tech support to resolve issues, and adapting your customizations to take advantage of future releases of HandsOn Connect.

Use Chatter as a way to track changes

Another option that makes it easy to track your administrative changes, is to use Chatter to record any changes you make to the system.  You can associate it with a Chatter Topic or Tag -- and then anyone with access to chatter could search and see any notes you've made on what was changed and when!


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