Creating / Editing a nonprofit organization record

Most of the fields in the nonprofit record are fairly self-explanatory, but a few are worth understanding the underlying business practices for their use.

You can tab from one field to another.

Only the fields with the Red sidebar are required fields that MUST be filled out.

Other fields can be left blank if desired, and filled in later.

The layout for your nonprofit record page may be different than the one pictured below.  Page layouts can be customized by your system administrator to remove fields unnecessary for your organization, and to add additional custom fields.

Note also that if you're using the NonProfit Success Pack to track donations, etc. - the page layout may include a number of additional sections.

The page layout below is shown in Salesforce Lightning.  The Classic Layout has much the same fields, but they may be organized differently.

The nonprofit organization record fields

You can tab through each field and add data. Any field with a red asterisk is required.

Many fields are self-explanatory. \ \  The 'i" symbols are rollover help tips for certain fields.

Here are a few details about some fields that may need explanation:

1. Also Known as:  This aids in search. A company's real name may be The Home Depot Inc, but you'd want to list "Home Depot" as an aka

2. Parent Organization:  If an organization is a chapter, branch, or store that is part of a larger organization, you can look up and associate them with their larger, parent organization.

3. Type: Select the TYPE of organization from a picklist that includes:

• Civic Organization - Any non-government club, community group, service organization etc that is not any of the other types

• Faith-Based Organization

• Foundation

• Government Organization

• Nonprofit

• School

These are all different sorts of organizations that you might recruit volunteers for.

4. Status:  (in some instances of HOC this field is labeled "Volunteer Management Status" for clarity.
Select one of the following values:

•Pending – They are potentially an organization you could list volunteer opportunities for, but you've not yet finished the approval process

•Active Partner – you have completed whatever your internal workflow is where you will post or allow posting of opportunities with them.   Active Partners will appear on the website under BROWSE ORGANIZATIONS    Until you make an organization an "Active Partner" you cannot grant their employees PARTNER access to the system.   Note: If you make an organization an 'active partner' it will show up in the list of organizations that volunteers can self-report volunteer opportunities with.  You can not make an organization an active partner until you have associated a Primary Contact (5) to the organization.

•Inactive – Since we recommend never deleting data, this is the status you should put a partner in when you are no longer engaged in business with the organization.  You will no longer be allowing them to post volunteer opportunities.  (Perhaps they no longer exist - but did in the past.   You want to keep the archival info about them - but they are no longer an active partner.

Note: When you make an organization inactive -- it will automatically update the status of of all their volunteer opportunities to inactive, which will prevent them from appearing on the public website for signup.   Before making an organization inactive you should do the following:

a) Look at all the organization contacts and make sure they no longer have login access as partner staff.

b) Check all occurrences that have end dates in the future and make sure there are no connections associated with them.  You may want to notify any volunteers that you are no longer partnering with the organization, and they will not be able to contact them as volunteers through the system.  They won't be able to report attendance, etc.   You may want to just update any occurrence records to "Cancelled" which will notify volunteers the occurrence they are already signed up for is no longer being held.  

5. Primary Contact: Who is your main contact in this organization? You can't use this lookup field and enter it until you've added them as a contact in the system.  This field must be populated before you can change the status of an organization to 'active partner".

6. You must specify one of the address fields as the primary address:

•BILLING is the default when they enter the info from the public site,  but you can assign either a billing or shipping address to the organization. (The use of the terms 'billing' and 'shipping' are standard salesforce conventions.   You probably will be neither billing nor shipping to your nonprofit partners.  So use whichever address field makes most sense to you :-)

•NOTE: Because we associate a lot of other addresses with nonprofit organizations  (places where their volunteer opportunities occur) we have a related object called LOCATIONS, for project locations. 

7. Address Visibility:  You can choose whether to display the full address, or just city, state and zip on the public website.  Doing the latter protects confidentiality for the organization and prevents volunteers from just showing up without signing up ahead of time.


8.  Opportunity Coordinator -  This is the default person at the organization who generally coordinates volunteer opportunties.  (It is the value created via the public site if a principal volunteer contact is identified)

9. Auto Approve Opportunity:   Allows partner to post volunteer opportunities without overview or approval of your organization if checked.

10. Opportunity Approval Manager – This is the person at your organization (a user (staff or admin), who is notified when an opportunity is awaiting approval by this organization.


11. Focus of Service:

Selections made in this section become defaults chosen when a volunteer opportunity is associated with this organization.

12. Organizational Needs:   This field, "Description" is visible in the customer portal for partner organizations.   It is populated during registration by the answer to:   "Describe your Needs".  It is where they can state what they need volunteers for.  If creating the record administratively, you would usually leave it blank.  (If you DO populate it - remember it will be visible to them as well in the customer portal)

IMPORTANT!  Click save before leaving the page.

Note: when an organization registers through the public site, the bulk of this organizational record is filled out for you!  So encourage organizations to use the public website to enter their information!


Teresa Zbiciak

You can't add a primary contact until you've created their contact record, but you can't create the contact record without the organization. I've tried to associate them as an Individual; however, this still does not work. Help please.

Larry Deckel

The easiest thing to do is create the Organization Record First. And leave the Primary Contact Field blank. (It's not a required field).

Then create the contact record, which you can then associate with the organization (because its created already!)

Then, just go back to the organization record and lookup the contact and list them as the Primary Contact!
If you want to speed up the process by creating the contact and organization at the same time - go to the organization registration page on the public site!


It'll create both records at once and then you can go into the newly created records and add additional detail if desired!

Deanna Berg

Can you direct me to the instructions for how we change the primary contact on an organizational record? I keep getting error messages so think I must be doing something wrong and can't find the documentation here on zendesk. Thanks!

Paige Van Riper

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