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The saved view of a nonprofit organization record and its related lists and custom links

When you normally look at an organizational record, you're seeing it in its "read" or "saved" view.  Here you will see some additional features that don't exist in the "edit" mode.

  • "Chatter " details
  • A Custom 'Organization Overview" that tells you information about the record
  • Custom links
  • Related Lists



If you choose to 'follow' a record in Chatter, you'll see a thread of chatter posts telling you what's happened resolutely with the record.  You can add additional comments about the record if you wish.  (Chatter will be discussed in more detail in the next Training session).

You can hide chatter or choose to follow or not follow the record by checking the boxes at the top of the chatter area.  You can also add files or links to the chatter comments.

Hover links for related lists

Related lists are visible after the record detail, but if you want to save yourself some scrolling you can hover over any of these related list hyperlinks and see information about the objects that are related to this organization record.

HandsOn Connect Shortcuts

HandsOn Connect Shortcuts

The organization detail 'dashboard' lets you see at a glance if the organization has 'portal access' -- which means that someone in the organization is able to log-in to the partner portal and view & submit volunteer opportunities, as well as report attendance.  There are also buttons on this part of the page that allow you to return to edit mode, delete the record (Tip: Don't delete data!), Set Manual Sharing for the record, or access the customer portal.  All of these will be explained in later lessons.

The custom links allow you to Manage Logos, and View Service Hours.

Manage Logos

Manage Logos

Clicking on Manage Logos allows you to upload two logos that can be used on conjunction with the organizational record.

Page Logo: needs to be square (113 x 113 pixels), and is used on the Browse Organization Page on the public site. You'll want all your nonprofit partners to have a Page Logo.

Banner Logo: is used for sponsor banner ads that appear on Volunteer Search or Volunteer Detail pages as controlled under sponsor management.  These need to be 580 pixels wide x 65 pixels tall.

View Service Hours is a link that opens a report that summarizes service hours associated with this organization.

Clicking on the "View Service Hours" hyperlink opens up a summary detail report for this organization that shows you how many opportunities they have, and the total number of verified service hours.

You can use the "Drill down" picklist to get a deeper level of detail if you wish  (i.e., how many opportunities and hours took place in each city.   You'll learn more about working with Salesforce Reports in a later training.

The Logo Section of the record now shows the organizational logo

Remember in the edit mode how we couldn't do anything with the logo field?  By using the custom link at the top of the page, you can add an organizational logo which will now be visible here in the record itself.

System Information

System Information

The last section in the record detail, "System Information", tells you who created the record and when, and when it was last modified and by whom.

Related Lists appear after the record detail.  These are lists of records that have a relationship to this organization and include:

Contacts - people who are employed or primarily associated with this organization

Volunteer Teams - teams of volunteers that were created and associated with this organization

Opportunities - This is a fund raising field in sales force – not to be confused with Volunteer Opportunities, but you might use if you keep track of 'asks' for donations

Volunteer Opportunities - All opportunities that are managed by this organization.

Volunteer Opportunities (organization Served) -  All opportunities that SERVE this organization.

Locations - Addresses where volunteer opportunities take place for this organization.

Open Activities - Salesforce activities related to this organization (things to do).  For example, you might create a task for yourself to call the primary contact of the organization  You can also use this list to Log a Call, or Send an Email

Activity History - past records of activities that have been completed for this organization

Notes and Attachments  - Things you want to associate with this organization.   Notes can be private or public  (private means its staff only and not visible in the portals)   No notes are completely private to you.   You can also attach files…..  (their brochure, waiver, etc.)

An organizational record may appear differently depending on the profile of the user that is viewing it!

There are actually 4 different views of an organizational record, and you can customize what fields are visible and/or editable in each view.

Views are assigned to each profile and can be the same or different depending on what information you want to make available to:

  • System Administrator
  • Staff
  • Partner Staff (in their customer portal)
  • Volunteer Leaders (in their customer portal)

We'll discuss how to customize page layouts in the training on Customizing HandsOn Connect


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