Adding a new contact from the organizational record

When you do this, the organization name is already pre-populated for you for the contact.

The address is brought over from the organization record too -- but not in the way you might expect. Here's why.

You'll be surprised to see that the address from the organization record is placed in the "Home Address" of the contact record, rather than the Business Address.  That doesn't make sense, but here's why it happens:

In  Salesforce (without HandsOn Connect), there aren't "Home" and "Business" addresses for contacts.  Native Salesforce's two address fields are normally named "Mailing Address" and "Other Address".  In HandsOn Connect however, we've renamed these addresses to "Home Address" and "Business Address" as this is more useful in our nonprofit / volunteer way of thinking about contacts.

Salesforce however, when creating a contact from an organization record, automatically moves the organizational address into the first set of address fields in a contact record.  (What it natively calls "mailing address" but we have renamed "Home Address". ) There is no way for HandsOn Connect to override this native Salesforce Behavior and automatically populate this into the fields we've relabeled "Business Address".   But its easy to correct this little anomaly when you create a contact record this way.

Clicking on this link takes the contents of the 'home address' fields, and copies them to the business Address fields for you with one click.  Don't forget to set the required "Primary Address?" field to "Business".

If you know the correct home address of the contact you can update the home addresses.  

If you don't know the home address you can either delete the content of those fields, or you can leave them as is.  There's no harm in having the same address as home and business if you don't know a separate home address for the contact.  

(Later on, if you grant the contact a login of some kind -- they will probably update those home address fields for you on their own :-)

Salesforce Lightning ScreenShots

SF Lightning does not currently have the functionality to copy the 'home' address over to the Business Address fields -- so you'll have to manually input the business address if you want that field populated.


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