Creating / Editing a business organization record

For the most part, the Business Organization record-type is very similar to the non-profit record type.  But there are a few fields unique to Businesses.

Fields and picklists in the Business Record layout

Fields and picklists in the Business Record layout

Organizations of  'Business Record type, for the most part similar to those of nonprofit record type

A few fields are not present here (such as Tax exempt #).  And they have a few unique fields of their own:

1. Type: There are only two options in this picklist. Corporation and Foundation.

2. Status: The picklist here has three values:

  • Pending - is used for businesses you don't have a donor relationship with but want to keep track of in the database
  • Active Sponsor - is used for businesses who are working directly with your organization and are a source of revenue or in-kind goods.  This must be chosen if you are publishing sponsor pages or business pages for this corporation.
  • Inactive - is used for a business you are no longer working with.  (Note: We do not recommend deleting records.  Instead, just mark them as Inactive which preserves the data and its relationships - but you can use to filter out of reports and views)

3. Enable Business Page - check this box if you plan to publish a business page on the public site with the company's 5. Business Description, and its private opportunities controlled by the invitation code (4)

4. Invitation Code - Used to create a 'private' project – opportunities associated with this organization can only be accessed by using this 'invitation code'  (a secret password or any combination of letters or numbers:  i.e. "swordfish"  "coffee")  When you create a private opportunity for an organization, this is the code that will 'unlock' the opportunity in search on the public site, either through the search page or the business page.

5.  Business Description - This is the content that appears on the business page for this organization, if enabled.  You can use the systems WYSIWYG editor to populate this description.

5. Goods and Services - Is a multi-picklist that allows you to associate goods and services this organization can provide to your organization.  (Useful for reports and searches). A few starter goods and services are on this list, and additional goods and services can be added by your system administrator.

There are two 'related lists' that are unique to the business record type

Sponsor ads - Show a list of sponsor ads that are associated with this organization, as well as their page location or interest, start and end date.   Instructions on how to associate sponsor ads with an organization will be covered in the Customizing HandsOn Connect Training.

Volunteer Opportunities (Requires invitation from):  Is a list of 'private' opportunities that require the organization's invitation code.


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