Social Contacts (Optional)

Social Contacts are a new feature in Salesforce as of Winter 2011.  It is turned on by default for any salesforce customers who received their account after October 7, 2011.

If it is not turned on in your instance, your system administrator must enable social contacts:

When it's enabled, In classic SF. you will seeicons for Twitter, Facebook, Klout and You Tube just below a contact's name.

If you wish to view social contact information for your contacts, you have to log into one or more of these networks using your own account on those social networks.

Click on the link for a network and you'll be asked to 'sign in' to your account in order to use that social network.

To get twitter information about contacts, click on the twitter tab, and click the 'sign in to twitter' link.  You'll be prompted to authorize Salesforce Social Contacts to use your twitter account.

Click on Authorize App to enable your twitter access so that you can use twitter functionality from within salesforce.  

Note:  Only when you are logged in will salesforce give YOU access to the contact's twitter information.

Each Salesforce staff or administrative user needs to log in using their own social network credentials in order to use Social Contacts.

Once you are logged in:

Once you are logged in:

When you are logged into one or all of these social networks, you'll have direct functionality to search for this contact and access any info they make available through that social network.  In this case, I found Valerie Volunteer and can:

  • View her full profile on twitter
  • See her followers
  • Display her photo (from twitter) in the contact record
  • Read her tweets.
  • Add her picture to your contact record.

You will remain logged in and able to access this information until you manually sign out of twitter.  This keeps your access to this information constant, even if you log in and out of salesforce.

Facebook and Linked on work the same way - however you will be limited to the informatioin that would be available to you when logged in to those social networks.  (i.e. you'll see more info for facebook users who you have a FRIEND relationship with, than those you have not friended -- all based on their personal privacy settings.

Social contacts are a good way to get additional information about your contacts based on what they share socially.

If Social Contacts are not enabled for your organization

Your system administrator must 'enable' the social contact feature in Salesforce.  Here's how:

  • Click Your Name | Setup | Customize | Social Contacts | Settings.
  • Click Change your organization's Social Contacts settings.
  • Select Enable Social Contacts. To disable Social Contacts for everyone, deselect this checkbox.
  • Select the social networks that your organization may use. Deselect any of the services that you want to turn off for your organization. By default, all social networks are turned on.
  • Click Save.

If you do not wish your organization to have access to social contacts, then the system administrator can disable this access.

Social Contacts in Lightning

Currently SF lightning only supports integration with Twitter.   To link a contact to their twitter account - go to the News Tab of the contact record and click on "Link Twitter Account"


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