The HOC Customer Record

All the nonprofit organizational records in the system have a type of either, Civic Organization, Faith-based Organization, Foundation, Government Organization, Nonprofit or School.

However -- one record in the system has a unique 'type' in its record:   HOC Customer

There is only one HOC Customer Record - and that's YOUR organization

Look up your organization's name in search, and you'll find the one record designated as type HOC Customer.  This record has special significance in the system,

Even though your organization is technically a nonprofit -- you MUST leave this record designated as type: HOC Customer

Without a HOC Customer Record the system has no way to identify who the owner of the site, who is the managing organization of affiliate-managed volunteer opportunities,  


Do not change the type of this one HOC Customer record.  (And do not assign the type of HOC Customer to any other organizational record).

Where are my organization's contacts?

Even though everyone on your staff has a User record and a Salesforce license - you may find they don't yet have a Contact record.

You will need to make sure there is a contact record for any staff member who ever wishes to volunteer or act as opportunity coordinator for an opportunity.  

Only contacts can be made Opportunity Coordinators or connected to opportunities and occurrences.


Lauren Dunford

It's stated here that "only contacts can be made Opportunity Coordinators or connected to opportunities and occurrences."

This is becomes problematic when salesforce does not enable usernames to be used twice. When a staff person with a user record/salesforce licence needs a contact record made for them in order to be an opportunity coordinator, that staff person is then forced to use a personal email to do so. Is there a better way to go about this?

Paige Van Riper

Unfortunately because Salesforce does not allow a username to be used for more than one login and because the username must be in the form of an email address, you do have to use an alternate address for the username/login on the contact record. However you only need to initially put in a different email address in the contact record, grant the contact login access and then you can go back and change the email value to the person's work email. Only the username must remain as the alternate email.

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