How do organizations get added to your data?

Organizations can be added to the system in one of three ways:

  1. By an organization registering themselves on your public site
  2. By your staff or system administrator adding them to your data
  3. Through importing data from an external source

The easiest way for organizational data to be populated in the system is when an organization registers on the public site

Organizations can navigate on your public site and complete a registration form which will create both an organization record for them, as well as contact information for the primary contact and optionally the main contact for volunteers.  This is the easiest way for data to get into the system as all required fields are filled in and everything happens automatically!

When an organization registers itself via the public site, an organization record is created for them of record type "nonprofit".  Contacts are created and associated with this organization.

See this post for full details on partner registration via the public site.

Licensed Salesforce Users (System Admin or Staff) can create new organization records directly

This will be discussed in the next chapter

Data can also be imported into the system

As part of your deployment and setup of HandsOn Connect, your organizational data from your prior technology will be imported into the system for you.  Additionally, there will be a raining on Data Management which will show you how to bulk import new organizations into your organization if you want to enter a lot of information at once.


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