Trailhead - the best way to learn Salesforce

The manuals on the HandsOn Connect help site cover all the ins and outs of using HandsOn Connect, which is a managed application built on the Salesforce Platform.  The power of HandsOn Connect comes from its integration with Salesforce.

While we cover some Salesforce basics in these manuals (including this one), we can only scratch the surface on how to use all of Salesforce's native functionality.  Salesforce has its own help system which can be accessed via the "?" icon in Lightning (on the upper right).

But the best way to learn Salesforce is to use Trailhead -- Salesforce's fun, interactive training site.

Where do I find Trailhead?

You can access Trailhead at    Log in using your Salesforce ID, and you'll be able to learn most anything you can imagine related to Salesforce

Trailhead breaks learning down into 'trails' - which cover a number of modules that lead you through learning anything you want to understand about Salesforce.  If you're new to Salesforce, you might start with the Admin Beginner Trail.

Each "Trail" is broken down into "Modules" that in turn are broken down into individual units (that take from 10 - 30 minutes or so).  Completing a module earns you a 'badge' and your progress along the trail and in each module is saved and tracked.

8 hrs and 35 minutes sounds like a huge time commitment -- but if you budget time for two or three thirty minute sessions each week - your Salesforce knowledge will grow and grow!   The lessons are fun - interactive - and end with either a quiz or a hands-on-exercise (which you complete in a free, trailhead playground so as not to clutter up your production instance.   It's learning made fun.

You can also search Trailhead for specific topics - and just pick and use which units or modules you want to pick up skills on!  

Here's the first module in the Admin Beginner Trail:   Salesforce Platform Basics:

Have fun! And start using Trailhead.

We'll provide occasional links to relevant trails in our HandsOn Connect documentation!


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