How to set up gmail email aliases

Salesforce only allows you to use your email address for one UserID and you want to save your business email address for your Salesforce License:

However, you'll want to set up accounts to test your website. Accounts where you pose as:

• A volunteer

• A partner staff

• A volunteer Leader.

If you don't already have one - get a Gmail account for yourself to use for creating 'alias' log-ins which will be needed started with Training lesson 1.

How to use gmail aliases

Once you have a gmail address you will be able to create 'alias' email addresses that will be sent to your one gmail account.

Example: Let's say your gmail address is

Once you have this account, you will be able to create unique email addresses for 'identities' you'll want to create when you start training and testing out HandsOn Connect.

To create an alias you just add a plus sign after the first part of your name, and then any letters, numbers. For example:

Each of these will be treated as a unique email address by salesforce, which will allow you to create multiple salesforce logins.

Save your REAL business address to use as your main administrative login into HandsOn Connect and Salesforce.

When we start the training classes, you'll use your gmail account to create aliases so that you can test your public site from a number of different personas!

Just prepare for training by having a gmail account that you can use!


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