Working with List Views

A view is a way of seeing a filtered view of the records of a given record type.  Views are available in the tabs for each object you find in the navigation for Salesforce and HandsOn Connect.

A view is the results you get when you set search conditions that display items that match the search conditions. For example, a view of contacts that have "Birthdays This Month" would filter your list of contacts based on a search for birthdays falling on a day in the current month.

By default, includes a number of views for each object.  But you can also create your own views.

Learn about working with Views:

Here's an article from Trailhead on the basics of working with List Views. (It's written from the perspective of someone who may have used views in Salesforce Classic - but introduces the improvements to List Views that are part of Salesform Lightning.

Click here to read "Work with List Views"


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