Some Handy Ways to Filter a View Based on Dates

Putting specific dates in list views can limit their usability -- because what if you want a list view to show you an interval of time (i.e. all the contacts that were created in the Last Week, for example.

Here's some tips on special terms that can help with your list views!

Dates in List Views

(Advanced Tip)  Dates in List Views

When you are creating a list view based on dates, there is no need to hardcode a specific date.  If you use dynamic terms then you can reuse the list view without updating it each time.

Example – I want to create a list view that shows all opportunities created this week.  In my criteria I could add “Created Date greater than or equals 4/11/11” but that would mean that next week I would need to change the date to see the new list.  However if I use a dynamic term I’ll never have to update the list view again.  I could use the Criteria “Create Date equals THIS WEEK”.  Problem solved. 


The next time you need to create a date based criteria try one of these:

THIS WEEK                        LAST WEEK                           NEXT WEEK\L    THIS MONTH                      LAST MONTH                      NEXT MONTH

THIS YEAR                         LAST YEAR                           \ NEXT YEAR

THIS QUARTER                  LAST QUARTER                  NEXT QUARTER

TODAY                               YESTERDAY                         \ TOMORROW




You can also add the term FISCAL in front of YEAR or QUARTER.  Without it the term refers to calendar year or quarter


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