Workflow Overview

Workflows are a way to automate processes instead of doing them administratively and manually.    Workflows simplify the management of redundant processes. bringing great programming power to HandsOn Connect.  

Lots of Workflows are built into HandsOn Connect to manage  all the systems automated emails – and tasks that are assigned to Opportunity Approval Manager and Organization Approval Mgr, etc.

So if you get the hang of workflows, there's all sorts of things you can do!  Use workflows to help manage your internal business processes (like adding the restriction "Orientation Required" or "Background Check Required" whenever you create an affiliate-managed project.

There's a nice video overview of creating workflow rules available in Salesforce:

Many of the automations build into HandsOn Connect were created using workflows.  With the advent of Salesforce Lightning however, Process Builders is the newer way to automate actions in Salesforce.

Learn about workflows to learn how to manage existing HOC workflows.  But if you're going to create a new workflow - consider creating a Process instead.




Workflow Rules and Workflow Actions

Workflow Rules determine the criteria under which a workflow is carried out. It is the IF for whether the rule is or isn't run.

Wortkflow Actions are the WHAT happens if the criteria are met.

Workflows can automate the following types of workflow actions:

  • Managing complex business Approval Processes
  • Sending Outbound Messages through APIs.
  • Creating Tasks
  • Sending Email Alerts
  • Updating Fields

Workflow Actions can happen either immediately or based upon a Time Dependency

A Workflow Rule can be used to trigger one or multiple workflow actions as you wish, some of which may happen immediately, and some of which may happen later.


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