HOC Release Notes (March 21, 2024)

This release provides under the hood improvements to make HOC public sites operate more efficiently when interacting with Salesforce. It also provides some bug fixes and new features as described below:

New Features:

Volunteer Opportunity Detail Page Filters (LHH-19125)

After selecting the option to sign up for multiple shifts, volunteers will now see the option to filter the list of Occurrences by day, month, time and location. This will allow volunteers to quickly sign up for recurring shifts.

Listing Block: Increase Number of Allowed Columns for Data Tables (LHH-19147)

A new field has been implemented that will allow more than 15 columns in a Listing Block data table. Currently, this option has to be enabled by HandsOn Connect until it's out of beta. If this option is applicable, please open a support case.

Listing Block: Manage Fields in CSV Export (LHH-19246)

A toggle has been added in the Include in Export column of a Listing Block using a data table. This will allow CMS Admins to determine which fields should be included in the data export.

Form - Signature Field Cannot Save to an URL Field (LHH-19329)

Custom Forms was updated to allow the signature component to save to a URL field in Salesforce. In addition to URL fields, the signature component can also save to a text field.

Bug Fixes:

Improve Listing Block Load Time (LHH-19243)

We fixed an issue that caused a degradation to Listing Block's performance.

Sharing Portal Reports (LHH-19290)

Improved the data connection from Sharing Portal reports to Salesforce.

Custom Form: Improved Performance (LHH-19319)

Improved the performance of custom forms so added fields appear faster after the form is saved.

Partner Logos Not Removing (LHH-19301)

Fixed an issue that prevented partners from removing their logo in the Partner Portal.

Sharing Portal Form (LHH-19294)

Fixed an issue that prevented picklist values from appearing in the form preview.

Search Block with Tiles: Missing Results (LHH-19335)

Fixed an issue that prevented the number of results from appearing when using the Listing  with Tiles format.

ARS Forms: Checkbox Field (LHH-19324)

Fixed an issue that prevented a checkbox field label from reappearing after unchecking a checkbox field.

Listing Block Filter Shows No Results (LHH-19328)

Fixed an issue that caused a Listing Block to show no results when using the autosuggest functionality.


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